Road trip from Alaverdi to Dsegh

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Road Trip

33.4 km (tiempo estimado 44 mins)
  • 1.Head north toward Mikoyan Street86 m41.091201,44.659036
  • 2.Turn left onto Mikoyan Street4.1 km41.091972,44.659102
  • 3.Continue onto AH81/E001/M684 m41.090415,44.644222
  • 4.Turn left onto Yerevanyan Hwy/AH81/E001/M6
    Continue to follow AH81/E001/M6
    22.2 km41.090873,44.643573
  • 5.Turn left onto H226.7 km40.931908,44.626618
  • 6.Turn left
    Destination will be on the left
    0.2 km40.958996,44.651082
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From Alaverdi to Dsegh

33.4 km, estimated 44 mins

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From Alaverdi to Dsegh

33.4 km, estimated 44 mins

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route from Alaverdi to Dsegh by car. 33.4 km, estimated 44 mins.

Highway route Generated between Alaverdi and Dsegh.

The distance between these two points is 33.4 km, estimated 44 mins.

Under the road map we have generated, you will see safety cameras you'll find on your journey, must be borne in mind that although we update our database daily, is possible which is installed any control radar speed near of Dsegh not yet shown.

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Road map between Alaverdi and Dsegh

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Debed Gorge, Armenia Debed Gorge, Armenia
дома на склонах холмов дома на склонах холмов
Autor: Dimit.
Alaverdi Alaverdi
Autor: Tadunia
Amenaprkich Amenaprkich
Autor: Vae Isakhanian
Tumanyan House-Museum Tumanyan House-Museum
Autor: Vae Isakhanian
Vishap Vishap
Autor: Vae Isakhanian

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